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How to Protect Our Forests: Sustainable & Stunning Hardwood Flooring

Posted by: San Jose Hardwood FloorsHow to Protect Our Forests: Sustainable & Stunning Hardwood Flooring

Do you know you can have eco-friendly hardwood floors that are made from standard hardwood varieties? When it comes to sustainability in your flooring, there is a wide selection to choose from including recycled, reclaimed and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified possibilities.

What is the Forest Stewardship Council?

The Forest Stewardship Council is an international not-for-profit organization that sets standards, finds solutions for existing bad forestry practices and promotes responsible management and sustainability of the world’s forests. By purchasing products with their label, consumers are supporting environmentally responsible management of one of the Earth’s important resources.

The FSC was founded in 1993 after conversations surrounding the Earth Summit in Rio the previous year. As the question, “What is sustainable forestry?” had emerged globally due to the increasing demand on natural resources, a group of loggers, foresters, environmentalists and sociologists came together to change the dialogue about and the practice of sustainability and forestry worldwide. 

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The Best Flooring for Your Beautiful American Craftsman Home

Posted by: San Jose Hardwood FloorsThe Best Flooring for Your Beautiful American Craftsman Home

Are you familiar with the Arts and Crafts movement, also known as the American Craftsman style? A type of home design that harkens back to the end of the 19th century, the movement encompasses handcrafted quality and local natural materials in addition to originality and simplicity.

About the American Craftsman Style

In addition to showcasing the skills of local artisans, the Arts and Crafts style notes the rise of the middle-class family. Homes created during this movement have no need for servants' wings (as Victorian-era houses often do), and therefore feature a floor plan that integrates the kitchen with the rest of the main floor. In fact, American Craftsman-style homes were the first to feature breakfast nooks for the whole family to spend time in the kitchen together.

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How to Pick the Best Flooring for Your Home Office

Posted by: San Jose Hardwood FloorsHow to Pick the Best Flooring for Your Home Office

Despite major companies choosing to scale back or eliminate their remote worker policies (like IBM), telecommuting continues to grow in workplaces across the country. Back in 2013 Yahoo tried the same thing, yet after just two years it was clear that working from home was still a reality for many of its employees.

In fact, last year more than half (53 percent) of workers said they prefer to work from home and 38 percent reported they telecommute at least once a week. In addition to that, employees who work from home have much higher job satisfaction; studies show those who telecommute are "48 percent more likely to rate their job a "10" on the happiness scale, with 10 being the highest."

Considerations in Setting Up a Home Office

As telecommuting continues to become commonplace, an important consideration comes into play for the homeowner: creating a home office that will encourage productivity, focus, inspiration and creativity.

Ideally, your home office will be in a separate room. However, if extra space is hard to come by in your house, make sure you at least carve out at separate work area somewhere, so you can create an environment where you’ll thrive.

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Hardwood Flooring Spotlight: Meet Mirage Hardwood Floors

Posted by: San Jose Hardwood FloorsHardwood Flooring Spotlight: Meet Mirage Hardwood Floors

Are you committed to installing high quality, eco-friendly floors in your home? You’ll definitely want to check out Mirage Hardwood Floors, one of our featured manufacturers. Known for comfort, beauty and durability, Mirage strives to create products that are appreciated by homeowners and kind to the environment. We’ve worked with the company for decades and our customers are consistently thrilled with the results they get from Mirage Floors.

About Mirage Hardwood Floors

Why do you need Mirage hardwood floors? We've been working with them consistently for more than 20 years and have never had a major complaint. That in itself is quite impressive!

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