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Meet the Manufacturer: DuChateau Floors

Posted by: San Jose Hardwood FloorsMeet the Manufacturer: DuChateau Floors

Are you looking for a manufacturer that makes beautiful hardwood flooring, cares about the environment and reflects centuries-old European styles? DuChateau Floors might be the option for you! Keep reading for more details about the manufacturer.


All About DuChateau Floors

  • These gorgeous hardwood floors are designed to mimic the hard-wax oiled, wide-plank floors that were developed in Holland and popular in Europe hundreds of years go.
  • These floors are made with a time-worn appearance that allows both character and longevity to shine.
  • DuChateau's philosophy focuses on creating hardwood flooring with textured patterns. Created by changing grain patterns, true artistic design comes to life through this flooring.
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Why is Walnut Hardwood Flooring so Popular?

Posted by: San Jose Hardwood FloorsWhy is Walnut Hardwood Flooring so Popular?

Known for its beautifully rich color, walnut hardwood flooring can provide a stunning statement in your home. Keep reading to learn about the pros and cons for this type of flooring, as well as an example of walnut used in a local home.

About Walnut Hardwood Flooring

Walnut hardwood flooring comes in two varieties: American Walnut and Brazilian Walnut.

  1. American Walnut Flooring: Also known as American Black Walnut, American Walnut, Black Walnut, North American Walnut or Gunwood, this variety is mainly harvested in the central United States and rates 1010 on the Janka scale. It is known for having white sapwood and dark chocolate heartwood in addition to a wide range of grain variations, so you can find that perfect look for your home.
  2. Brazilian Walnut Flooring: Also known as Ipe or Lapacho, this variety is found in Brazil and the Lesser Antilles. Brazilian walnut flooring also has dark tones, but is a much harder species with a rating of 3684 on the Janka scale. Brazilian walnut is resistant to insects and mold as well.
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How to Choose Perfect Finishing Touches for Hardwood Flooring

Posted by: San Jose Hardwood FloorsHow to Choose Perfect Finishing Touches for Hardwood Flooring

Does your hardwood flooring need the perfect finishing touch? You may want to add molding or some sort of other transition between different types of floors! Keep reading for some of our most popular tips.

8 Tips for Hardwood Flooring Transitions

A fantastic way to add some personality into your home's design is through floor transitions. The way you make the shift from hardwood flooring to tile (or really any type of flooring to another) can make a strong statement.

Are you looking for ideas? As always, Houzz is a fantastic place to browse for transition inspiration. In fact, this article shares 20 examples of how to make the change work for you.

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All About Floor Finishes, Wood Dyes & Stains

Posted by: San Jose Hardwood FloorsAll About Floor Finishes, Wood Dyes & Stains

When you pick out your hardwood flooring, there’s more to think about than just the species of wood and style of planks. It’s important to think about how you want the floors dyed, stained and finished. Fortunately, we’ve put together this handy guide about floor finishes, wood dyes and stains!

Wood Dyes & Stains

There’s a basic difference between wood dyes and stains:

  • Wood dyes penetrate the floor to give a deep, rich color to the grain; stains are more like paint
  • Wood dyes can be used to enhance stain

First the flooring is dyed, and then a couple of days later the stain goes on. Depending on what color you want, you may need two coats of stain to get the shade just right. Once the stain is dry, the finish is applied to protect your floors for years to come.

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