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Want Popular Hardwood Floors? City Expressions by Medallion

Posted by: San Jose Hardwood FloorsWant Popular Hardwood Floors? City Expressions by Medallion

Are you curious what type of hardwood floors is popular right now? One of our hottest sellers is City Expressions by Medallion. Keep reading to find out what so many of our customers like about this line of flooring, and why you might want to consider it for your home.

City Expressions by Medallion

Medallion's City Expressions line of hardwood floors is created with live sawn French oak featuring expressive tannins, combined with the company's unique treatments and finishes.

While all of this hardwood flooring line is smoked, there are variations in scraping and staining; most are wire brushed or soft scraped. The options in finishes are:

  • Bronze Emblem UV Oil Finish 3mm & 4mm (finished with Woka Oil Maintenance).
  • Bronze Emblem UV Polyurethane Finish 3mm & 4mm (finished with regular matt urethane).
  • Platinum Emblem Reactive Staining 3.2 mm (chemically stained for just over a week, then re-smoked to bring more colors in the wood out; following this process, it's finished with Bona Naturale Urethane).
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Have a Dog? How to Pick Hardwood Floors for Your Home

Posted by: San Jose Hardwood FloorsHave a Dog? How to Pick Hardwood Floors for Your Home

Do you have dogs? A lot of pet owners want their floor to look nice, but worry about their furry friends leaving permanent marks. The good news is that owning dogs doesn’t mean you can’t have hardwood floors. San Jose Hardwood Floors can help you pick the best floor for you and your entire family – including the dog!

As loveable as they are, dogs can do a lot of damage to any style of flooring. From leaving scratches and stains to stirring up dust, dirt, dander and more, there are two main factors we recommend homeowners consider:

  1. Ease in cleaning and repair.
  2. Health of your family.

When compared with carpet, hardwood floors sustain the same use but don’t confine allergens, hair, dust or odor. In fact, hardwood floors are the only option in which moisture damage, scratches and other surface damage can actually be sanded and refinished to look new again, making them a practical choice for families with pets.

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How to Hire a Flooring Contractor: What to Look For

Posted by: San Jose Hardwood FloorsHow to Hire a Flooring Contractor: What to Look For

You are ready to move forward and install new flooring in your home, but how do you find the right contractor? Which is the best? How do you keep from getting ripped off? Picking a good contractor can make the difference between a pleasant and a miserable experience.

9 Questions to Ask Your Potential Flooring Contractor

Ask a potential flooring contractor these questions before working with them:

  1. Do you have a valid CA state contractor’s license? In addition to finding the license number, make sure the name matches the person coming to your home or the owner of the business. To view our license, click here.
  2. Does the contractor have workers’ compensation? Check the CA Contractors State License Board (CSLB) website to see if they have any infractions you need to know about to make an informed decision.
  3. Does your contractor have a valid CSLB card with them? If they don’t have it, get their name or the business owner’s name to make sure they have a bond.
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15 Helpful Ways to Reduce Noise in Your Home

Posted by: San Jose Hardwood Floors15 Helpful Ways to Reduce Noise in Your Home

Whether you have a two-story home, a duplex or someone living below you, many homeowners want to know how to reduce noise for their neighbors. Keep reading for 15 ways to choose flooring, windows and walls that will soundproof your home.

5 Ways to Reduce Noise with Your Flooring

  1. Choose your flooring carefully. Carpeting and cork are the best for low sound transference on their own. In fact, cork has wonderful sound-deadening properties that can help reduce noise!
  2. Accessorize. If you have or want hardwood flooring (or another hard surface floor), a fun option is to use area rugs and play mats. In addition to reducing floor noise, this allows you to customize your space over and over again as the area is used in different ways.
  3. Choose underlayment effectively. If you’re installing your floors, use underlayment that will help reduce noise. There’s a wide range of sound-deadening underlayment; the material and thickness you choose will make a difference. It’s also worth noting that if you own a condo, your HOA will almost always have specific requirements for the sound transfer ratings for flooring. Be aware of this and have your flooring contractor keep it in mind when planning the install so you comply with the HOA guidelines.
  4. Build in some space. If you’re building a new home, keep in mind that the amount of space between the ceiling and the floor above it makes a difference. Unfortunately, a lot of apartments and condos reduce this space to reduce building costs, which ends up increasing floor noise.
  5. Make an effort. Remember there are things you can do day-to-day to help reduce noise. Walk lightly. Think about the shoes you’re wearing (e.g. high heels vs. sneakers) or remove them when you’re indoors. Talk to those below you to find out what they actually hear. There may not be anything else you can do to limit floor noise, but even letting them know you’re aware and concerned can make a difference. 
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