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Wood Inlays / Medallions

Do you want to make a statement with your hardwood floors? Customize your home with the beauty and refined elegance of a hardwood inlay. Picking a pattern that fits your vision is especially important to ensure a quality end product. Adding wood floor inlays or laser medallions to your hardwood flooring design can give any room in your home a beautiful focal point that will only further compliment your lush floors.  

All About Wood Floor Inlays and Laser Medallions

There are two main types of wood floor inlays: a border inlay, which provides a border for the floor, and a medallion, which is usually symmetrical shapes placed in the center of the floor. We can make an inlay or decoration for your hardwood floors from any design, since we utilize the best laser cutting facilities available.

A great way to make your hardwood flooring more decorative, wood floor inlays and laser medallions come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Different species of hardwood floors can allow you to choose from various colors as well. Hardwood flooring made from oak, birch, maple and ash are great candidates for this type of design feature. We can create Greek keys, brass inlays, hand built herring bone, fingerblock, cannerbury, knots and more. You can create a design or choose from a large selection in our catalog.

Borders and decorations add a subtle touch to make your room stand out from all others. Are wood floor inlays or laser medallions a good fit for your hardwood flooring? Contact us or visit our showroom to get advice from our experts! Also visit our blog for five popular hardwood flooring patterns we commonly see and advice for using one of these elements in your home.


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